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Wootton Wawen Parish Council

In 2014 members of the population in Wootton Wawen started the process to develop a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). We were ill-equipped for the the process we were about to begin despite having some very well educated/trained persons within the team. 

Neil came to the rescue about 6 months into the process and provided help and direction that was much needed.  Neil was invaluable to our NDP team and there is no doubt that he provided guidance without which we could still be floundering. Neil was enthusiastic, helpful and knowledgeable and provided support and clarification as required without over emphasising the technicalities.

Neil has a very professional approach and works well within a team promoting discussion to achieve consensus within the team, as well as working well on his own. He delivered to plan and provided explanations in a way that lay people could understand. 

As Chair of the Wootton Wawen NDP, I have no hesitation in providing this testimonial and I would willingly recommend him for work with Parish Councils and similar bodies of people.

Peter Emberson

Chair, Wootton Wawen NDC Team & Vice-chair Wootton Wawen Parish Council

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