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Neil’s practical advice and guidance has been greatly appreciated by parishioners and councillors alike since he first came to our attention in 2010 when he was running a WALC training session. He has represented the Parish Council during the Examination in Public of the Rugby Borough Council’s Core Strategy.

He has spoken to villagers at a Public Meeting regarding a sensitive housing development, having spent several hours, prior to the meeting, visiting and walking the site. He produced a response, on behalf of the Parish Council, objecting to the proposed development, having spoken at length, with councillors, to ensure that all concerns had been covered. He advised on strategy, when the developers submitted a revised plan, identified errors on the submitted plan, and highlighted these to the local planning authority.

Whilst this was going on he also made time to prepare a submission, on the Parish Council’s behalf, against a Quarry Development submitted for the other end of the village.

He was responsible for briefing the Parish Council’s barrister and expert witnesses in advance of the Public Inquiry, for the housing development. He was commended by the appellant’s barrister for finding errors on the developer’s submitted plans, which they had failed to find. He took great pains to guide us through the vagaries of the planning system and expressed clear arguments during public meetings, council meetings and planning meetings.
Tim Harvey-Smith
Wolston Parish Council

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